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Meticulous Research and Planning for a Japanese Tea Farm in Australia

The Department of Primary Industries and Kunitaro Japan research projects  resulted in recommendations for green tea farming in Australia in terms of harvest time, storage, cooling and processing methodologies to produce the finest quality of authentic Japanese green tea and how the adoption of these recommendations, have ensured that Green Tea Estate produces the finest Quality in Australia and elsewhere, without exception.


Mr Kunitaro Nakamura from Kunitaro Limited Japan opened their research and processing facility at Mangrove Mountain with the objective of creating and manufacturing a very high quality organically grown and chemical free standard of Japanese green tea in partnership with the Department of Primary Industries.

Together they found the land, the right latitude, right temperature and soil conditions and he set up the farm and factory with authentic Japanese equipment, processes and methodologies.

Central Coast DPI director Dr Richard Sheldrake praising the long association with Kunitaro said:

“An industry that is a thousand years old in the land of the rising sun has become a successful sunrise industry on the Central Coast of New South Wales”.

Mr Kunitaro Nakamura said that

“Green tea grows very well on the Central Coast and the quality produced at Mangrove Mountain is to the very high standard required for export and acceptance for shipment to Japan.”


Building Our Tea Farm

The tea farmer, just like an architect, must fully understand and plan for a long term quality product.  He very carefully choses his site to lay a home foundation for the long term health of his chosen tea plants.

The Japanese green tea farmers employed by GTE have been employed in Japan for 45 years doing just that.

They have been building our organic run farm at Mangrove Mountain for over 20 years now. 

The very exclusive high quality green tea grown and processed in our factory at Mangrove Mountain Australia always has been sent to Japan for consumption on their Japanese market.

Now we can make some of the Matcha, Sencha and other products available for Australians and others.

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Yuri and Bill Atkinson have taken over the reins from the late Mr Kunitaro Nakamura and are driven by his clear and long sighted vision to provide Japanese and Australians with the finest quality Japanese green tea to enrich all our lives through its physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Green Tea Estate brings its fine Sencha, Matcha and Japanese tea accessories to the people of Australia and beyond through its online store and locally in quality restaurants, boutique stores, and in the artisan food production industries.


To give some insight into the harvesting and processing of the raw tea leaf into your Matcha and Sencha.

Below are a small number of photos taken during the 2022 – 2023 harvest.

The factory machinery used, and installed on the farm, was mainly made by Kawasaki and is the best for the job and of a very high quality.



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